Saturday, November 3, 2012


Been rather irritating week. I've been getting headaches everyday. And not only me, but my dear roomie<3 too and oneof our friend who lives across the hall. We are suspecting tha there is mold somewhere, which could cause these nasty, gnawing headaches. Well, yesterday morning my worst headche came because my last emerged wisdom tooth but goddamn.

Product photographing course was boring and irritating. Thankfully we are not have to use the school camera. We are gonna use mine. Last assignment was about cropping the pics while taking them, this one is playing with light and shadow. Should be more interesting.

Arts class is kiling me. I've gone through them all already, but my education still isn't enough. I should do two model drawings for Tuesday. Now, the next three weeks, I won't be at my own class but only on Mondays, which bugs me to the core. I have beter things to do than go through all the art shit again. It's not that I hate arts, hell, look a my art blg! I love drawing and painting, but damn, I did not come here for all those extra subjects.

Slice of Life: Whirlwind end of summer

I'm still rather windswept with everything that happened. Am now a moderator of a doll group, thanks to my ability to detach my emotions...