Sunday, December 16, 2012

When stress is blown

...I slept 15 hours on Friday. I wasn't have to go to school. Woah. Sure, I was worried when my darling hadn't returned by then, but went to the ceramics for some hours.

The build-up for the Christmas party was horrible. Seriously. People running around, shouting, ugly deco... The party itsef was irritating too. The choir was a disappointment. The sopranos didn't have any power at al, their voice was quieter and quieter and that 16-year-old bitch who thought she was so good told us to sing louder in the party. We with lower voices drowned them out completely. Basically, it should have been the other way round. Nope.

Our band is now named Phoenix Down and the guitarist and I performed there. Goddamnit.

Sunday, December 2, 2012


Augh, I have been hella busy. Teeth problems and school work and choir+band practice. We had a slight disagreeing with the songs for the choir, until we tried one newer song and everybody fell in love with it. Seriously. There was joy in people's eyes while singing.

Band practice is interesting. We first worked on composing -something- around my lyrics, until the drummer came up with few cover songs, I'll Make a Man Out of You and Once Upon a December. In Russian. Sure, no biggie. Few days ago I got a message on fb from her, saying that we are picking up Walking In the Air. Nightwish version. I'm screwed. I can't sing that high.

Anyways, we had an art class. That was torture. I hated it from the start. I've been developing rapidly lately, but the course has nothing to do with it. Twice we had so much to do we had to stay up all night. 30 A3 sketches to product design class and two A3 model drawings of myself for the art class, not to mention take 5 photographs for product photographing lesson. We were both soooo wiped and feels like that this weekend, I have finally managed to catch up all the missing sleep.

Oh crap, I gotta write a letter to a friend. Well, catch ya laters.

Slice of Life: Whirlwind end of summer

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