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I've been Oulun Kärpät fan for 11 years now and they won their 6th championship last Saturday. I'm hyped, been screaming, smiling like an idiot. They have the championship party today. Starts in half an hour. Problem? I'm not there. Gramps once promised to take me there, he never did, they won 3 championships after the promise and didn't take me. Well, now I have a car and all... I don't have the fuel or the money. Not much money altogether. I'm upset about that. I'm 150 or so kilometers away from the party of my dreams... and I can't get there. Now if you excuse me, I drown my sorrows to tea... put on my pajamas and maybe cry a bit.


Surely an interesting day. Myself, I've been sitting at my laptop the whole day, working on a draft for the final work's literal part. I still don't understand why WE need to send it to the Finnish teacher while the tour guides didn't, but oh well. I can manage to write the official form easily enough and I can make it so that the Finnish teacher won't understand. I'm gonna give them hell.

Desperation rises

The final work is turning to be a nightmare before I've even started it. I'm being honest here. Everything needs to be very official, which of course I can write, but I don't understand what the hell the Finnish teacher has to do with this. Oh well... I'm gonna hit them so hard I knock them to next week.

I picked up some watercolor paper for the better version of the background ice on the Phoenixe and just sent emails to two weaveries in my hometown. Other one answered right away and it could be possible to get in there to practice, since the store I tried is too slow to answer and I can't be there the whole time. It's gonna sap my whole summer, but at least I get the student support from that time. That matters quite a lot. Now I'm just waiting for the teacher to finish the little talk and come help me on how to reply.

Had an interesting few days. On Tuesday/Wednesday night, my fiancée got a stomach ache that was getting worse and worse until around 2am I …