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Oh joy

...but not to the world. I'm sick again. Last time I was sick it was back when I was working...

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

New lights, same old mess, new hyacinth and same old story.

Been antsy about the advent calendar we've made for each other, a friend also sent us a string of tiny packages, filled with chocolate treats ^^ And kitty has a treat calendar as well, he seems to like it, so far. Yesterday's treats were a bit stiff to go down with him, but by morning, his bowl was nearly empty, with the other treat also gone.

NaNoWriMo 2016 is ovaaaaaaaaaaaaar!

It didn't go without consequences and therefore, I had booked a massage for tomorrow. She was super nice and also the type of person who can't keep her hands still, like us. We saw her add on magazine and she also had a campaign where she offered free, handmade gifts. She had made excellent kitchen towels. J picked blue and I picked orange. Now, the base of my skull hurts. It's not throbbing pain or anything, it's tender. As in, do not move a lock of your hair -tender. Oh, and my arm too. Left. Not the right. Which was .of, that is even more. Well, it hit later than I expected.

Yeah, NaNoWriMo... Started it day late, but I had solid 4000+ at the bottom, and a plot done 10 years ago, so I was on a good foundation. At first it was slow, but then, I finally got it rolling, mostly thanks to good music and the last straw that had 3000+word days was Two Steps From Hell's Star Sky and it's lyrics, that brought a whole new twist to the plot and made it epic as fuck. Th…

Aurora season

Saw pretty good aurora tonight, while watching the torch parade (by canoes) and fireworks at the harbor. For some reason, now that I returned, I feel anxious and very, VERY nervous... I'm with fiancée and a friend here, plus the cat, yet I feel like crying and screaming.

Been pretty active week, returned from trip to hometown to get art on Sunday, slept nearly the whole Monday, built up the exhibition with J on Tuesday, visited on Wednesday, Thursday was our 1-year anniversary of living in Kemi, so we celebrated on that. Went to the international Market with a friend on Thursday and later that night, went for food and drink in Ankkuri. Revisited the International Market on Friday, been more or less comatose today and now just... crafting. Well, me not, I'm just... blah.

Art exhibition coming up!

The whole September ^^

Unemployment and The Sims

My job left me really confused about things and back to normal income is tricky. Real tricky. Plenty of moneyholes, mainly the bills and the car, the recently changed brakes keep helluva racket.

Had a friend over from Hamburg and after that extended weekend, felt like nothing would be the same afterwards. We miss her quite a deal and I think she would have stayed here forever. Kemi has that effect on people.

Our cleaned up apartment has actually stayed relatively clean for a surprising long time, maybe thanks to the Olympic Games, we spent the nights watching sports and slept the days. Now that it's over, we're trying to get our sleep pattern to the levels of a normal person. Not going that well, our The Sims 2 cheat and play spree is hindering that. Not that I regret it tho.

Currently I'm running on short nap I just took, should go to the Arctic Comics Center to see what could be brought into the display considering our works. I have one big WIP waiting for finishing touc…

What a feelin'

Just kill me now.

Got the IUD last week's Monday, those cramps, followed vby PMS and then the issue itself... Been in pain for days, but now however. I'm NOT having stomach cramps. My legs hurt from the aerobic session at workplace activity day, my head, neck and shoulders hurt from me idiotically driving with my windows rolled partially down. Fuck that was STUPID. I just want to fall to the bed and sleep for a week. I'm so dead tired.

Owdie 5000!

Burned off part of my skin on hot glue! Just fucking perfect.

Star Wars Day & Civil War

Yesterday was Star Wars Day. Bought some pizza for it, but watched the Episode VII this morning/night. Were too tired to finish it though. I'm having a day off from work, been sleeping very little lately, so this came in perfect time. I gotta go to work tomorrow morning, which is ok, I'll be doing a paper plate dream catcher model, maybe fixing up a stuffed tiger. I'm planning to make it a laid back day.

Gonna go watch Civil War today. Finally. Took us long enough, but I'm often drop dead exhausted after a workday, I need too much sleep to be able to work from 8 to 4...

Sick again

We got the cold from somewhere. No idea from where, but considering I work with kids... I had started to feel cold for about a week and then my throat felt weird. Well, yesterday my nose started running and I had hoped that by today, it wouldn't be runny. Well fuck, was I wrong. Felt like death when I woke up to go to the bathroom at almost 4am, then woke up 6:30 when our cat tried to vomit. He's been yowling at my feet the whole morning and I just don't have the energy for that.
I am worried about tomorrow's work, it's the open art and there will be over 30 kids and parents and I'm a walking sick bag... I don't wanna take a sick leave either, so... Should finish up my tea, pack my lunch and change clothes... and to remember to take a whole roll of tp to work so I can stuff pieces to my nose or blow.
Slept less than three hours the previous night and around five this night, needless to say, I'm exhausted. Once I get out of work, I'm taking a nap.


Yle pulled a shit move. They had a story about the "Full day losers" from Kemi, who don't have a job. Well that makes people feel better and seek out jobs. Seriously, 500 000 unemployed people in Finland. How many available jobs? 16 000. Do the math. Do the fucking math.

We both here and I'm sure many others, would love to have a job corresponding their profession. They are almost forcing people to nurse schools. I know several nurses who are unemployed. My stepmom for example. The only job available is for night shift and she has to take care of my dad and back then, her own sick mother and a baby. Well, the said baby is moving out to study and her mother resting in peace, but dayum, there's still my dad.

Thank god I'm only temping, the job is... definitely not my thing. You can get into that if you have either studied anything dealing with arts, or kids. I'd say preferably kids. Art students might not be good with kids. I'm not, the kids just stick …

Coming down with something.

Just great, but what did I expect, a work mate is coughing her lungs out, I've been surrounded by kids 3 days a week, one just sneezed right in front of me... I've been cold for days, but then again, it's been quite cold recently and I've been switching jackets... should have stuck with the winter coat still.
Haven't gotten overly much sleep during work days and been almost nodding off at work during quiet afternoons. Right now I put on some Vicks, trying to stay awake. My thighs actually hurt a bit. Thank god friend promised us a sauna, pancake and tea later today. It'll hit the spot.

Frag this...

Sauna last night washed out all the stress and prissiness about my work, which is good. It's not my fault. None of it that is going on.

I don't know how to do my job and if I ask... Oh well, enough of that, we just started our weightloss project properly. Our wedding is less than a year away.

I don't do well with responsibilities

I'm childish and I'm now a temping children's instructor. Oh god... Day two is done and I'm just... a wreck. Sure, I've been sleeping poorly, thanks to the cat, but I'm also very...unsure...

Not again

April Fool's Day is one of the shittiest days of the year, hands down. I call it Don't-Trust-Anything -day. I stood up all night and in the early morning, I bailed out of fb. No fucking chance to fool me. Even my phone is closed.

I'm drowning in both stuff and in unfinished projects. I really need to clearly pick up one project per day. I think scheduling shit might become easier once I start my job. It's mostly from 8AM to 4PM, so... My sleeping pattern is still off, since I just woke up. I hate going to sleep while it's light, makes it so much harder to fall asleep and the goddamn schoolkids are trying to show off with their mopeds and scooters by driving full throttle. They just shorten their vehicles lifespan. Idiots.

Well anyway. I seem to have somesort of a cough, but I always cough in the morning, but my nose is runny too and ears feel... tender, but that is most likely just because of my teeth. I really should stop skipping brushing. Well, clear day routine…


...I have a job now. A legit job. I just still need to get them my criminal records, which I have none. I'll be temping a regular worker at Children and Youth Center, for 3½ months. Pay is good, hours rather long, but hey, I'm a kid magnet!


Been rather busy, had visitors, had to clean up, been expanding DoWo as much as I can, should probs clear the dish mountain a bit, at least the baking tools. Made mocha pie. It's just a pan with chocolate mocha frosting. Put some dark chocolate on top of it. Now I'm just thinking did I put too much coffee in it.

Job interview tomorrow. At first I was erroneously let know that it'd be on next month, then I got a call, "oh it was supposed to be yesterday", so they moved it to Friday. Then they called me on Friday and moved it on Monday. I'm nervous, but my biggest worry is, will it pay more than Kela pays to me. We are very dependent on Kela, when our winter rent is 450€ with the car heating. Sure, it's only like... 3½ months, but... Only three were invited, I was one of them. At the Lasten Kulttuurikeskus, something to do with kids. I'm a kid magnet, I'm just not the biggest kid person around. Left to be seen.

Out of Control

Sheesh... Sorry for the silence, been on an emotional rollercoaster and rather reluctant in writing anything. 
Christmas was great, I enjoyed, even though it broke the age old traditions. I've spent 23 Christmases at home, doing the same traditions, getting up early, watching Santa's hotline for kids, didn't get through as a kid, then The Snowman and the new addition, The Snowman and Snowdog. Then decorate the tree, the rest of the house, with gramps of course. Then lounge about until the evening, Jiminy Cricket's show and then presents, more lounging about and food and stuff, then fiddling with presents until I pass out. 
This Christmas was different. We wanted to spend the Christmas with just us and the cat, going to Christmas sauna at dinner at friend's place. Presents were opened while we watched Santa's Hotline, got awesome presents and all. Took candles to the graveyard, every graveyard in Finland had a stone or cross for people with relatives buried else…