Friday, August 31, 2012

12 days of... school

Busy and tiring two weeks behind me. We had no weekend, just handcraft/whatevs event here, we had to boil plants to get the wool yarn dyed. I almost got a carbon monoxide overdose. It was horrible, I felt like a living dead. Head ached so bad and felt so thirsty it was't even real. I had to get up shit earl in the morning to light up the fires beneth the huge iron cauldrons and keep them up and boil the flowers, leaves, bark and poisonous mushrooms. Oh joy. I tried to wash off the smoke from my jacket, but it still stinks. Seriously. I should have taken it outside to dry and air it properly. Now it's in my car. It can stink there for all I care.
I've been planning to make two tablecloths, ain't gonna be easy, I got the warps done yesterday, I started to put them on the loom today, but it's not easy, as I have the type in planning where 1cm has 20-18 warps. Threads won't even be visible. Diving them into 9 pair and 10 pair bunches was pain in the neck. Literally. 400 pairs of dark orange and black thread... With less you go crosseyed.
It seemed that I only needed to sing few songs in karaoke to be accepted into a band. Haven't seen them since. Figures.
Anyways, I'm trying to watermark my artworks, the latest being clay Khepri. A biiiiig feat to get them all. I'm like... in B ?

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dorm life

The most strickt rules I've ever witnessed. Seriously. Even Finnish laws feel slacker. The fear of being kick out keeps everybody in check. At least me. Our room is at the end of this wing, right above my classroom (interior textile), second floor from the ground level. Shitty part is the bathroom. It's at the end of the hallway, but two WC seats and two showers make up for that.
The window of our room doesn't close, but it's barricaded by a heavy plastic box right now. Three huge flies found their way in... Anyways, this is starting to look like a room, these will be checked weekly. And we actually compete against other rooms, whose are the cleanest. We are trying to win the prizes.
This school has dorm activities and a gym. Which made me whoop was the treadmill. I can finally shed weight and gain more muscle, to upperbody.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Packing for a small dorm room

It's pain. We need to pack as little as possile, bu enough for the both of us to keep gong for a year. The info about the condition of the rooms and the size, plus other common things to know in this school is abysmal. We are not even sure can we get toilet paper for free. The website is maddeningly UNhelpful. Gah.
I don't really know how this is gonna work out. One thing is sure, if other peope don't do their chores and make noise on week nights, I'm gonna blow a fuse or two. Already a with gramps, who is getting on my nerves with spectacular success rate. Again. Clearly I'm tired of living here...

Thursday, August 9, 2012

It's the final countdown...

...for two things. Well maybe three.
  1. My job is ending. Two more days. Sadly, the two final days are the PowerTruck Show days. Gotta watch out for drunk people and sell not just amusement park wrist bands, but parking tickets too. *sigh* Not sure how long will I be there and will I be tossed into the restaurants again. I dread the Pizza Buffet, the Steak House Canyon was better, sure, they made me run around, BUT hey, they were busy as hell, all of them.
  2. My time in this cage. I'll be moving to Loue, Tervola, Lapland on Monday, with my significant other. The dorm had damn strick rules, but positive side is, there are supervisors nearby (supposed to) so if somebody is making a racket... I lived in a dorm for 9 months two years or so ago, and it was filled with stupid party animals. The noise was irritating to say the least. I'm not afraid to rat the others. I deserve my peace, finally.
  3. My wisdom teeth. Usually it's the lower left that causes hadaches and the gum swells up. Nope. Nopenopenope. It has to be upper right. My whole right side is slightly swollen, tender and gosh my jaw joint hurts. I can't really chew anything. I often complained about my wisdom teeth, but never did anything. Now I'm fed up. They are goners after I get to Lapland. I've had it. Soooooo had it.
The thing that saddens me is that I wanted to go to a karaoke bar on Saturday night, just for the heck of it, but I can't really open my mouth properly...

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I can't help but think that I have two cats waiting for me...


Juuri taivaan tällä puolella on paikka, jota kutsutaan Sateenkaarisillaksi. Kun sellainen eläin kuolee, joka on ollut täällä erityisen läheinen jollekulle, tuo lemmikki menee Sateenkaarisiltaan. Siellä on niittyjä ja mäkiä kaikille erityisille ystävillemme, jotta ne voivat juosta ympäriinsä ja leikkiä yhdessä. Siellä on paljon ruokaa, vettä ja auringonpaistetta, ja ystävämme ovat lämpimässä ja niillä on hyvä olla. Kaikki sellaiset eläimet, jotka ovat olleet sairaita tai vanhoja, ovat jälleen terveitä ja elinvoimaisia; haavoitetut tai vammautuneet ovat jälleen eheitä ja voimakkaita, juuri sellaisia jollaisina muistamme ne menneitten aikojen unissamme. Eläimet ovat onnellisia ja tyytyväisiä yhtä pientä asiaa lukuun ottamatta: jokainen niistä kaipaa jotain jälkeen jäänyttä niille erityisen tärkeää henkilöä. Ne kaikki juoksevat ja leikkivät yhdessä, mutta tulee päivä, jolloin joku yhtäkkiä pysähtyy ja jää tuijottamaan etäisyyteen. Sen kirkkaat silmät ovat tarkkaavaiset, sen innokas keho vapisee. Yhtäkkiä se alkaa juosta pois ryhmästä kiitäen vihreän ruohokentän yli nopeammin ja nopeammin. Se on onnistunut näkemään sinut, ja kun sinä ja erityinen ystäväsi lopulta kohtaatte, te takerrutte toisiinne jälleennäkemisen riemussa ettekä koskaan enää eroa. Onnellisia suukkoja sataa kasvoillesi, kätesi hyväilevät rakastettua päätä, ja katsot jälleen kerran lemmikkisi luottavaisiin silmiin, jotka niin kauan olivat poissa elämästäsi, mutta eivät koskaan poissa sydämestäsi. Sitten ylitätte Sateenkaarisillan yhdessä...

Kirjoittaja tuntematon

Rainbow bridge

Just on this side of heaven, there is a place that is called Rainbow Bridge. When such an animal dies, that has been really close to somebody, that pet will go there. There are meadows and hills to all our special friends, so they can run around and play together. There are lots of food and water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and feeling fine. All those animals, that have been sick or old, are healthy and full of life again; wounded or crippled are whole and strong again, just like we remember them as in our dreams of days that were lost. They are happy and satisfied except for only one thing: They all miss something that was left behind, a special person. They all run and play together, but there will be a day, when one of them stops and starts to stare at the distance. Those bright eyes see all, energetic body will tremble.  Suddenly it starts to run away from the group, gliding over the green grass faster and faster. It has finally seen you, and when you and your specal friend finally meet, you cling to each other in the thrill of reunion and will never part again. Happy kisses rain on your face, your hands caress the loved head and you look into the trusting eyes of your pet again, the eyes that  were gone from your life for so long, but never from your heart. Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

Writer unkown
Translation: Darial Kuznetsova.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Wonderful Saturday

Seriously. Timo Kotipelto and Jani Liimatainen. Plus a nice cameo by Antti Railio. And we got two new friends.

I never get tired of this duo <3

Made the shirt myself. For some reason, my makeup is nearly invisible in all the pics of me from that day. And it was red and gold!

I caught this mere seconds before... (look below)
Now this... My significant other had WAY better view, but this is on fucking video XD

Posing by the fountain in the middle of Seinäjoki, somewhere between 1 and 2 AM. With really sore feet.
 And of course I had work from 10:15 to 17:30... on Sunday...

Friday, August 3, 2012

That was the final straw for my back

Great. Gramps took my car to his nephew. It was just fine, nothing wrong with it. Until they switched the battery. And that was the moment when Goldscythe (the nickname that I gave to my Toyota Avensis) decided to prove she is a Decepticon. The radio died again. Again. For good. Thank heavens I took the Cain's Offering CD Gather the Faithful outta there. They tried everything to get it back to work, but no avail. The goddamn problem radio stayed blank. Gramps is gonna buy a cheap external player with CD, radio and MP3 hookup to it. I have my doubts. He complains about my financial situation, but then he does that, spends money on me. Rarely, but still...

I'm tired and sore. Both physically and mentally. I feel useless. I guess my only option would be send an email to the curator, but I'm an awkward person when it comes asking things. No wonder all my penpals quit writing with me, since I don't ask any questions. Usually. In the workshop, all the little questions, like simple one like: Why? was met with irritation and claims that I'm highly negative person. No wonder I stopped questioning anything. I'm raising my hands in defeat.
I'm gonna be singing this when I can leave Powerpark behind me for good. I hate that place.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

My wrists and feet...

Finally, two days off. I've been bustin' my brain with this work, arguing with irate gramps and stressing about moving. We still haven't gotten any papers so we'd know what we need to take with us. Today I was put to the notorious Steak House Canyon to work. They have been treating the ticket booth girls like dirt when we have been sent to help but now our boss told them that she'll send us if only they treat us nicely. They did, or she sent the mentally two toughest girls. I can deal with being bossed around, I'm used to it. It wasn't too bad, they were kind enough to tell me what to do, since it was my first day there, but I had enough experience with clearing tables and carrying plates.
I did manage to screw up in my regular job. Again. I'm just too drained...

Now my wrists are screaming and the soles of my feet hurt like hell. Gramps complained becuse I bought soda. Fuck if I care.

Timo and Jani are gonna be in Karma on Saturday. We plan on going, despite the fact we both have work the next day. We just can't get enough of those two.

Starting on Sunday, I start a grueling 7 days of work...

Slice of Life: Whirlwind end of summer

I'm still rather windswept with everything that happened. Am now a moderator of a doll group, thanks to my ability to detach my emotions...