Saturday, September 29, 2012

Can I rage post?

Gonna rage anyway. Good lord some Sonata fans are thick headed and vain. They want their previous guitarist back, most likely because they don't see/hear how good the current one is, or they want Sonata's music to be just like before. Not many bands are able to sound the same throughout the years, Blind Guardian sounds very much the same as always, but each record is different in a way. I think Sonata Arctica still sounds awesome. They shed the Stratovarius-esque sound and created their own. I think it's their best feature, that they change, sounding better and better. Old guitarist has moved on for good, but the fan can't, giving shit to the current guitarist. Such a shame, he's a nice guy and a good guitarist too. *sigh*

Nobody's perfect, I have difficulties telling the two apart. They are both good.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

What a workload

I FINALLY got all the arts of mine watermarked with Powerpoint. Didn't include few of the worst and some fanart,since I don't really know what to do with those. Also gotta make different pages for posts about my cosplays, problem is that though Wordpress can be a bitch, it has more options than Blogger. FML.
Been on a Beyblade mood the past couple o weeks, watched the series and all. The original three y Aoki Takao, not this new wannabe Metal Fight Beyblade. Nooooo. Bakuten Shoot Beyblade was the best. The assholes&bitches at my elementry said for sure I was gonna ditch Beyblade, nope, still going strong and actually, without it, I wouldn't have met my fiancée at all. Take that, jerks

Saturday, September 22, 2012

This weekend just keeps getting better and better

...not. The shopping trip after IT-class was painful. My legs were hurting like hell after the dance class at the school gym. We did some walking around in Kemi, left my car at the bus station (I reversed through the whole packed parking lot to th perfect available space. I rocked \,,/)we walked to Octopussy Clothing, where I got some lovely items such as arm warmers, black and purple, made of fleece <3, a dagger fan necklace and Directions semi-permanent hairdye, Poppy Red. A snowleopar print scarf and GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN nailpolish from Seppälä, jewelry making stuff from Tiimari and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, from where I also found a book about Tolkien's books and worlds. That is a good starter for somebody who isn't sure do they want to read all the books or just watch the movies. Also spotted Metal Mania Alias -boardgame. The last one left in the whole city. 8€, hella cheap for a board game. The Cars 2 Uno playing cards cost more than that.
Well, I did catch a cold while in there. I woke up with a sore throat, I can barely talk. I've been sleeping around the clock, felt hella lonely despite my significant other sleeping behind me. I think I'm getting the silent treatment of ignorance for waking the said person up by saying I got an email from the guy wo fixed my computer...
We have changed scaringly lot. Seems like computers are the most important things in our lives. I've been lethargic for a long while now, not wanting to participate in much amorous activities or do much anything... I'm worried, I wasn't this bad (I think) during my worst depression slump, but who said it was over. This room is hilariously small and I honestly feel like we have too much stuff here. This just proves how big rooms I had at home, since this bothers me to the core.
I don't like the direction we are going... Actually cried last night. I can't even cry propery anymore. I'm too numb and that scares me.

Can't wait to get and play this...

This started my shitty week for real...

Friday, September 21, 2012

Bone tired

Went to a dance class last night, I thought that after doing sit-ups and stuff at the end I'd be more in pain. What is giving me pain -my knees. They hurt like hell at times. My old knee brace is still at home (gramps is such a cheapstake, I can't run home everytime I forget something) and since we are going to Kemi today, (and maybe I can get the x-ray of my jaws) I'm gonna go to the pharmacist to buy another brace. My both knees are totaled anyway. Ow. I'm also pretty well done, meaning tired and I'm supposed to drive us 54km to Kemi for shopping and PS3 upgrade. I'm also gonna buy The Avengers also on Blu-Ray, though I already have the DVD. I wanna be a badass. My significant other also likes the movie, which is a relief. Anyways, it's lunch time, our milk was... old already, so no breakfast for us.
Gonna hit few stores and SubWay too. Yum.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yo, guys

If there is anybody. IT class, I'm trying to stay awake, tinkering with MS Word 2007. The whole week. Well, we get to Powerpoint today, had pretty good time so far, this morning was a bit slow and stiff, to say the least. *sigh*
We got the laptops, but I'm not gonna do much with it. I hate laptops with passion and we have so strickt rules with the laptop I don't find it a good idea to use it at all. I stored it underneath my bed, in the travel case. I'm not really sure should I return it, since it's not mandatory to keep the goddamn waste of space. (and this comes from someone with a desktop computer and printer plus bass speakers...) Well, laptops are more like waste of money, if you ask me. Sure, you can get online in a train or wherever, but I'm the person who can actually wait a few hours. If I need to write, when I get an awesome idea (at that moment it feels like it) I can whip out my calendar and write there, or just keep plotting until I find the idea useless. I don't even have a smartphone or whatever the piece of shit is called. I don't want it. As long as I can find regular phones with a working camera and a decent amount of memory space, I'm fine. Just dandy.
Fujitsu laptop sounds great and it would be cheap to get after the school ends, but what am I gonna do with it? Granted, I'm not sure should I take it because I don't know how well I can get online and write during summer, but I'm guessing gramps is about to take the new computer I hooked up for him, to upstairs, so I can put my own back downstairs, since I use it a lot and make noise while at it. Meh, that is the problem for the summer, it has barely reached fall here.
People come to Lapland to see the pretty autumn colors. Well, I'm not really impressed. Sure, some trees are bright YELLOW. Not yellow, YELLOW. It has rained like hell here past few days, we planned a trip to Kemi this Monday and it started raining about an hour or two before we were supposed to leave. That sucked monkey balls real bad. (side comment, goood looooord, am I the one who smells like dog here? Gah...) It was sunny yesterday, which made it hard to watch a movie, until later that night. We finally got The Avengers on DVD and the tech guy in Prisma store said they could update our PS3, so we can watch all the Blu-Rays and play all the games. I can finally get the bloopers and play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
Wow, this was a long and rambly post. Well, I'll make another one. A kitty post or something. I don't know. I should continue editing our fantasy story, I should continue watermarking my artworks, I should clean up the room, it's a horrible mess. And I gotta do the laundry. And go to Tervola med center to get the x-ray of my jaws. Everything is a mess. The stress levels are rising again. I don't know is there a bill coming from the dentist or not, I don't know what mail I have at home, I'd need my mail but does gramps send it? Nope. There are times when he spends money on me, but when it comes to mailing things, he's a cheapstake. ARGH.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well that was an interesting Tuesday say the least. I called to the dentist on Tuesday morning, they said there was an opening at noon, I took it, teachers were just fine since I have my own car so I didn't need to spent the whole day in Tervola. They poked around a moment and said that my cheek is caught in between the two messed up and slanted windom teeth. (no kidding, at worst times I had to yank it separate) Well, despite the upper right and lower left being troublesome, they said they take upper left out so the pressure will ease. The creaking sound the tooth made were scary, but it didn't hurt. I expected to be more in pain afterwards or have a bruised cheek, but nope. And true enough, the pressure is gone. Damn my jaws are narrow. Really. Still gotta go for x-rays next week.
I've been working on crochet pumpkins. I'm a big Halloween fan and I'm actually gonna go to a Halloween party at Kemi on November 3rd, despite our school having some sort of a party too. I was at Härmän Häjy halloween party last year, dressed up as my idol, but with "wolf bites" all over and a bloody bandage around slit throat. I could have pulled it off better, but...
My significant other has been sick for past two weeks or so, I've been running up and down the stairs, battling with my loom and trying to see if my lovely roomie needs anything, been worried sick. Past two Thursdays, I've been have to clean up the room all by myself, which doesn't bother me, but last time I was exhausted and catching up a little cold while at it. I passed out for 4 hours afterwards and oh gooooood lord. The clean-up checking was... past 11pm?

I'll go post piccies of my loom and the table cloth I'm making to my art bog. I think it belongs there. I'm still working on the watermarks, but since I have waaaaaaaaay over hundred works.... sigh

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dragons and yarns

Gee, I've een sleep deprived for a week again, I slept 12 hous last night, pretty ready to do that again tonight. Yeah, I'm still up and it's past 4am. Been playing Dragon City, refound love for crochet has also taken my time, as well as The Sims 2. Made a mistake of playing a paranormal investigator gae on It freaked me out last time. I hate that demon in the end at the alley...
My speakers are breaking down. The left small one makes static noise, which ometimes drives me up the wall.
At the moment, I'm so tired I could faceroll. Too tired to go and brush my teeth actually. Monday will mark the day when I try to hound somebody to get me the number of the local dentist, I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out, thy cause me too much grief. I even don't mind that I won't be able to eat much solids afterwards, but it is a small price from the fact they won' swell up and even infect so badly I can't even open my mouth.
I screamed out loud with the window open on Thursday, in the middle of cleaning. I visit the blog of my idol, Jani Liimatainen quite often and I found he had posted the tracklist for his and Timo Kotipelto's duo acoustic album. I saw My Selene, my absolute favorite song from Jani and second fave from Sonata Arcticadiscography. That song being made to an acoustic version drew one helluva shriek outta me. I was so hyped up for hours <3 Also a friend bought tickets for us and got us a ride to Sonata's Teatria show in Oulu <3 Can't wait. Her dad is awesome. When we first came to Kemi, he was with her, waiting, wearing a Stratovarius shirt he said he wore to honor us and blasted My Land from his car stereo very loud. We very much approved.
Anyways, this paranormal happenings disliker goes to bed, being badass as she won't brush her teeth. Too fucking tired.

Slice of Life: Whirlwind end of summer

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