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What have I done

I have a tendency of doing the most weird things. Poor hamburger. It didn't like the 450km journey.

Love is only beutiful when it bleeds

Went to a job interview with the certain someone. Went seemingly well, let's just hope I get the job. Skaala manufactures doors and windows, let's see do I get there, my Russian skills seemed to make an impression.

Also stopped for soft ice cream for the first time for this spring. Vanilla with wienernougat sprinkles. Surprising, I know, but good ^^ Ended up home rather late, about an hour ago, but now I should so something productive before I head back to grab her and go to a karaoke bar. Not sure what I'm gonna sing, if I can get any voice out today. Maybe Reasons, Shot In The Dark or something from Metallica. Usually I go with Sonata Arctica's Fullmoon, Stratovarius' Hunting High and Low and as my highlight, Bon Jovi's It's My Life. Left to be seen.

Ozzy Osbourne - Shot In the Dark

Lady Pain... make me stronger

Fresh from sauna, feeling rather down, still. Gonna dry up and head for bed.
Not before some mindfuck.
Some time ago this on my tuna can made me go WTF O.O?

Maybe someday... I'll learn...

Truth hurts, but at least I'm learning how to take it like a man. Sort of. I still cry too easily, ever since my icy shell was broken. I'm still rather frozen, if we are to venture into the world of metaphores. Changing your attitude and the way you treat other people takes time, unfortunately.

I feel like starting to write song lyrics again. I can't compose though. Never really learned that. I've forsaken my ways of venting out my feelings and I have started bottling them up again, but like every bottle that is shaken, it can blow up. I keep doing that every single day. Too short fuse and too lazy to do anything about it. Maybe this time.

I got a text message from Powerpark, I didn't get to sell tickets, but if they need me, they'll call me. Another job interview perhaps, tomorrow morning, shit early to me, 10AM. Probably they pay even better. I also sent my artworks to two of the three art schools. Well, they aren't really art schools, but a sort of voc…

My lashes are dry

At least for today. I'm gonna start keeping this blog as some sort of diary, to vent out my feelings before they get out of hand and just share my likes and hates.
I'm an art school applicant from a relatively small village from Western Finland, never the popular one at school, mostly because of my style that probably made their eyes bleed, my reeeaaaally bad temper and my more-or-less unusual family. I kinda want to stand out in the crowd, when I want to. When I don't, notice me and get a fist in the face.