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No Battle Beast

Can't get to see Battle Beast, but Sonata, Railio and Amaranthe still in schedule. Amaranthe not so certain.

F*** me sideways

Granny talks to her hallucinations once in an hour. How am I supposed to sleep there? I have difficulties falling asleep because of my brain, which is on constant overdrive. Most likely because I don't write my ideas down anymore. I really need to write more. Came back downstairs to load some power to my MP3 for the trip today, I know I'm gonna lose it if I can't listen to Timo or Tony...


Tomorrow, it's time to visit my tolerable half sister. We both hate kids, so we do get along. We have two route options. Either via Lappajärvi, or Kauhava.

Overslept it today, as usual. The dream was weird though. Now, I don't know what to do, well get rid of my hiccup first, but... Grr...

Bustend ankles and drawings

Busted my ankle last Saturday. I stepped on a big, jagged rock while jogging 20m and now my right leg is done for. Pain shoots up from the spot I stepped the rock... Had to rely on granny's crutch (after I lifted it two notches, I'm taller)  last night. Better today, been itching to hop on my bike, but maybe later. And I think I need to reapply that gel... pain is returning.

Also working on drawings that I could sell. If I only had a place to sell them. I don't have a credit card.