Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mother of...

Somebody will die. That guy at the end of the hallway is driving most of us nuts here. It is his and our friend's cleaning duty. He doesn't even clean up after himself. Us two and at least two others are after his blood. He takes his clothes to dry in the wrong dryer room, in the changing room for animal caretakers. Apparently he is so afraid somebody will steal his clothes, he cannot leave them in the regular place... I don't give a shit where he leaves his clothes, but that was just awkward as hell, he must love the scent of cow shit, which is perfume compared to human shit.

Currently I'm working on art commission, I got a shit ton of drawings to do. Still trying to decide, how much do I ask for these. We are currently living on borrowed money and food donations from a friend and her family. This sucks.

Tired. So, damn, tired. And I have pretty much nothing to do in class.

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