Been busy, moving in and settling down. And starting school. This was quite interesting. We've gotten settled to the B4 easily enough, despite we have only one key, which I keep, since I have more flexible classes. Works out pretty fine and if I work late or go to the band room, she gets the key from me.

I finished my harnesk weaves. Or rather, attached them to the backboards. And redid them the next day. I had mismeasured and halfassed the attaching, but right now, after half an inch was sawed off from every side. Except the biggest, which I managed to nail at the first try.

Work is piling up on me right now. Next project is gonna be wristbands with miniature looms I borrowed. I love it, seriously. Then the carpet. Tiger carpet. And fix jeans. Tomorrow, we start dyeing wool yarn. It's gonna be interesting. We do various odd jobs while at it and my other half and I are gonna go see Kaamea Rangaistus, which is a band formed by police from Tornio. This is gonna be awesome.

Well, I'm gonna update more later, my friend is gonna either bite me or drag me by the scruff of my neck to the school lunch. I have no choice XD


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