Shit ton of new shit

Sitting at arts class. Where I don't want to be. I hate forcing the art out of me. I had a major flow last night, wrote several pages of my fanfiction and broke two hearts by killing our mutual favorite a second time. In the first part, I killed him physically, now I killed his spirit in the spirit world. Eh. I'm sick and twisted.

I really gotta write here more often, but my computer with Windows 8 is a fuckton harder to use, also shitty to the bone, to the motherfucking last byte, so I gotta use this more often, the school web works until 23, so I'd be just fine. Using two accounts at the same time works with this laptop, but not on my desktop, which is fucking odd.

I've slept few hours only, so I'm a bit like... drunk. Though I'm not. I'm just tired.


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