Friday, April 11, 2014

Desperation rises

The final work is turning to be a nightmare before I've even started it. I'm being honest here. Everything needs to be very official, which of course I can write, but I don't understand what the hell the Finnish teacher has to do with this. Oh well... I'm gonna hit them so hard I knock them to next week.

I picked up some watercolor paper for the better version of the background ice on the Phoenixe and just sent emails to two weaveries in my hometown. Other one answered right away and it could be possible to get in there to practice, since the store I tried is too slow to answer and I can't be there the whole time. It's gonna sap my whole summer, but at least I get the student support from that time. That matters quite a lot. Now I'm just waiting for the teacher to finish the little talk and come help me on how to reply.

Had an interesting few days. On Tuesday/Wednesday night, my fiancée got a stomach ache that was getting worse and worse until around 2am I called to the hospital and they told me to call an ambulance. Well, the pretty hot guys came and after a brief examination, offered painkillers and asked if she wanted them to take her to the hospital, if her stomach aches are unbearable, but she chose not to, so I was advised to call them again if she went worse. Needless to say we slept around 3 hours and in the morning, as advised, went to the Tervola hospital. She was hooked up on painkillers and did some tests, but they sent her to Kemi hospital for better examination. We waited some time for the cab to take her, but we were informed it'd take until 3pm for it to arrive, so I leaped to the chance and said I'd drive. Of course I was an idiot and didn't ask for papers to cover MY expenses. At this point we were only given a sandwich, yogurt and milk. Last time we ate had been before midnight. And the lunchtime was around 2pm...
Well off to Kemi and more examinations and tossing us around to different departments... until the last doctor after 6pm took her in for few minutes, told it was a bacterial infection and if left untreated, it could have been a urinal tract infection. Antibiotics and we were outta there around 6:30pm. I had alerted a friend who lived nearby and once we told we were out and that she was fine, they invited us over and cooked for us. The food vanished very quickly. We also got to pet their cats, the old lady Peppi and the tiny terrorist Isla. Kitty therapy is very good and she was in high spirits after that. It was a big relief we got out and she slept the whole next day while I was working on my final assignment, screwing up and getting myself in a tired tirade over petty things. I'm still irked.
I also should be trying to get some fuel money back, but it looks so complicated I'm giving up. My phone call phobia (I can't call to some places, 112 (or 911 as other know it) and the ER are the few easy places to call out of my friend circle) is high and I get a hoarse voice every time I talk to the phone, so I'm not calling Kela and ask what the hell should I do, because I don't understand their papers. I really don't.

Who made life this difficult and complicated? I'll go throttle the one to blame. Damnit!

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