The usual shite.

I make enemies as I go. With or without trying. They just can't handle me.

Yes. I just be myself and they fly off the handle. People up here can't take the truth that has hardly any effect on people in my hometown. I'm not changing my attitude because few teens get upset.

Bitch to me all you want, little shits. I don't actually care if you'll hate me, ignore me or just act plain bitch towards me.
In the end, silent treatment from other people is good, I didn't wanna talk to them in the first place.
That's what I've been seeking for years. People steering clear away from me, since I don't care about them.
When they TRY to contact me...
Hmm, wonder was that all? Fuck this, fuck that, fuck them in particular.

This could be my new motto:


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