POP-pilates and stress

My jogging views are boring, tho it's a lot greener now...
Well, found a new hobby, that is actually good for losing weight. Cassie Ho's POP pilates. It's fun and she's very positive. I need a lot support for this and someone to do it with me, but so far, it's not going that strong. I'm doing it alone and try my darnest to get rid of the junk food. I try. But as I know from my past, me trying my hardest is never even half of being enough. I've shed only 1½kg so far, but it's a start.

Completed a puzzle last night, it was one of the hardest I've ever done, it's tempting to start the metallic puzzle again, THAT is also hella hard, since the light needs to come in a certain angle OR I can't see anything but a metallic sheen.
Coral Reef Panorama, 1000 pieces. 

I also managed to get my room in half a shape, but with visitors and all, I'm have to gather shit from downstairs and put it anywhere I can, so my room is cluttered AGAIN. I'm getting really frustrated with living here, but I can't get a fucking job so I don't need to put up with them 24/7. This ain't the most recent photo either, but oh well.


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