*another sigh*

I'm getting shit poured down my neck from every possible direction and I'm ready to go live as a hermit for a month just to get my sanity back. I need my space and silence, which are nonexistent in this house.
For me, getting a loan is like signing your death warrant, but I'm considering getting a loan so I can get a rental or something from the north and get the hell away from here as soon as I can. I'm a harried ball of stress, everyone wants something from me and I just can't get myself to give even the proverbial shit. Or fuck. Or rat's ass... I'm just... so... done...
Everything I say or do comes back around, as usual, that is nothing new and I can deal with it, I can't be bothered to try to understand people, because I've run out of patience. There is always somebody wanting something of me and I really just want to be by myself for a while. I guess it's too much to ask... I know I make it all about me, but I'm fed up doing what people say or want. Right now I could just cry...


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