Been rather busy, had visitors, had to clean up, been expanding DoWo as much as I can, should probs clear the dish mountain a bit, at least the baking tools. Made mocha pie. It's just a pan with chocolate mocha frosting. Put some dark chocolate on top of it. Now I'm just thinking did I put too much coffee in it.

Job interview tomorrow. At first I was erroneously let know that it'd be on next month, then I got a call, "oh it was supposed to be yesterday", so they moved it to Friday. Then they called me on Friday and moved it on Monday. I'm nervous, but my biggest worry is, will it pay more than Kela pays to me. We are very dependent on Kela, when our winter rent is 450€ with the car heating. Sure, it's only like... 3½ months, but... Only three were invited, I was one of them. At the Lasten Kulttuurikeskus, something to do with kids. I'm a kid magnet, I'm just not the biggest kid person around. Left to be seen.


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