Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Out of Control

Sheesh... Sorry for the silence, been on an emotional rollercoaster and rather reluctant in writing anything. 

Christmas was great, I enjoyed, even though it broke the age old traditions. I've spent 23 Christmases at home, doing the same traditions, getting up early, watching Santa's hotline for kids, didn't get through as a kid, then The Snowman and the new addition, The Snowman and Snowdog. Then decorate the tree, the rest of the house, with gramps of course. Then lounge about until the evening, Jiminy Cricket's show and then presents, more lounging about and food and stuff, then fiddling with presents until I pass out. 

This Christmas was different. We wanted to spend the Christmas with just us and the cat, going to Christmas sauna at dinner at friend's place. Presents were opened while we watched Santa's Hotline, got awesome presents and all. Took candles to the graveyard, every graveyard in Finland had a stone or cross for people with relatives buried elsewhere to take their candles to. 

J's birthday party on 27th was a total flop, which made me cry. Many people were invited, I understand the flat out refusals, while some never responded are they coming... The friend from nearby, Sonja, baked muffins and the cake, while I handled the rest and we did the decorations together. J's best friend drove 450km to come to the party and brought even more goodies to eat. We did have laughs, the theme was Decepticon party and all 4 of us are fans. Otherwise, I was sorely disappointed at people. Two who were certain they'd come, got sick just before.

New year was nice, the Kemi fireworks were nice and Sonja's family came for coffee to warm up afterwards. It was pleasant night and our cat was pretty ok with all the fireworks, more confused than scared. 

Well, I'm gonna do something productive now, I'll write more laters. 

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