Yle pulled a shit move. They had a story about the "Full day losers" from Kemi, who don't have a job. Well that makes people feel better and seek out jobs. Seriously, 500 000 unemployed people in Finland. How many available jobs? 16 000. Do the math. Do the fucking math.

We both here and I'm sure many others, would love to have a job corresponding their profession. They are almost forcing people to nurse schools. I know several nurses who are unemployed. My stepmom for example. The only job available is for night shift and she has to take care of my dad and back then, her own sick mother and a baby. Well, the said baby is moving out to study and her mother resting in peace, but dayum, there's still my dad.

Thank god I'm only temping, the job is... definitely not my thing. You can get into that if you have either studied anything dealing with arts, or kids. I'd say preferably kids. Art students might not be good with kids. I'm not, the kids just stick to me like Velcro.

The full day losers are politicians, they simply suck their own cunts and dicks. They just raised their salaries. They just sit on their asses and screw things up as a profession. They are taking away from the already starving students and they have the biggest salaries in the fucking country. They want kids to study, but it does cost a lot. Not all can stay at home and study from there. Food prices are fucking high and it's just... When we were at Lappia, our courses were expensive material wise. There were times, when we had no money for food for a week and no gas to get any from 3km away and seriously, 3k with a backpack filled with food is torture. One litre of milk weighs about 1kg... Hadn't our families sometimes sent us money and a friend's family come to our aid from 50km away, we might have been forced to quit. School leftovers were great, but damn...


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