Not again

April Fool's Day is one of the shittiest days of the year, hands down. I call it Don't-Trust-Anything -day. I stood up all night and in the early morning, I bailed out of fb. No fucking chance to fool me. Even my phone is closed.

I'm drowning in both stuff and in unfinished projects. I really need to clearly pick up one project per day. I think scheduling shit might become easier once I start my job. It's mostly from 8AM to 4PM, so... My sleeping pattern is still off, since I just woke up. I hate going to sleep while it's light, makes it so much harder to fall asleep and the goddamn schoolkids are trying to show off with their mopeds and scooters by driving full throttle. They just shorten their vehicles lifespan. Idiots.

Well anyway. I seem to have somesort of a cough, but I always cough in the morning, but my nose is runny too and ears feel... tender, but that is most likely just because of my teeth. I really should stop skipping brushing. Well, clear day routines cure that too.

Yay, my turn to scoop kitty litter... He has a disgusting habits. If he gets to the wet bathroom, he comes outta there, goes to his litter box and once his paws are sticky with the damp, clumping litter, he runs into the bed. Our bed. Oh joy. The other one is jumping on the kitchen counter and trying to see if he could drink from the sink AFTER coming out of his litter box. Our kitchen is small and full and I'm constantly have to clean that so I have at least one clean surface. And then BOING. *sigh* Kitty owner's daily life, everybody.


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