Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Sorry you guys

If there is somebody to read this. Damn, my computer was emptied and all programs rerun, now I'm in deep shit with this, when nothing works right. I was forced to use the school laptop during the Kissmyass and some of my passwords are only there, so now I'm HAVE to use it. Everything is falling apart. Everything.
Where to start? Today started pretty slow and shitty, I actually survived my last dentist visit with no numbing shot. Ow.
Another problem is the band. Christ it just isn't working. I'm several years older than them and they don't show up and it seems they are super busy (like being in the gym class from 6pm to 7pm while band practice is from 5pm to past 7pm) and most likely pissed off at me. I can't help it if my southern ostrobothnia attitude is too much for them. We are cruel people down there. Sheesh.
What else? People in the dorm slam their doors close so hard it's impossible to go and crash early.
My legs hurt. Seriously.

It's damn beautiful here. You don't believe how beautiful. Sure, there are wind mills nearby in the building process and I'm terrified of them. Just my luck.

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