Well shit.

She's sick. I want her to be able to continue her work, but so far, it's not looking good. I'm kinda thinking is it because she hates her work, that makes her sick when she's supposed to go to school, but I don't know. I just don't like watching her being sick. While I'm sick and tired of this whole ordeal and I can't skip.

We had snow here for a little over a week, now there is rather warm, 4,4C and it's all melting away. It's slippery as hell, the whole school area is covered in clear ice. I love snow, so this is a big hit to my mood, now everything will be black again and I don't like that.  Can I move somewhere shit cold?

I don't know of the current condition of my depression, there are times when I scare myself with my dark thoughts, but then again, I'm a writer with a wild imagination. I torture people in my songs and stories to vent out all the issues within me.

Right now I could do with a mug of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top of it. I feel kinda miserable with my runny nose. I'm also quite tired, since we accidentally stayed up late and after we turned in, my thighs were still hurting. I've been doing computer work for weeks now and my back and legs don't approve, but I can't really go outside with that slick ice. Also, it's too wet out there. Now I'm depressing myself. Marvelous. And my back hurts right now.

The only song from that shit of an album I can actually tolerate.

Anyway, I have a lot of shit to do, mostly the school stuff, but also commissions, the whole situation is draining me.


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