Yesterday was pretty shit. Been feeling like shit for a while now. We are out of money, so we don't have much food, I'm quite weak from hunger, but I guess I'll get used to it. On top of all, I couldn't really sleep last night, so I'm exhausted, dizzy and all. We were supposed to clean up yesterday, nope. Today, absolutely no.
Supposed to spend the weekend once again in Tervola, only issue is, I don't even wanna know, how messy the apartment will be. I might go fucking crazy, if I'm have to clean the whole place again. Anyways... Right now, we have another big project to plan, we all are making designs. Mine includes napkin lotuses and northern lights.

One previous student returned for a day again. This time she brought her brat. He's driving me nuts! Whiny as heck.

This image did improve my day. NSFW kinda.


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