Wow... things keep moving downhill...

Where to begin? Gramps is still prissy about us having a cat. I'm not bringing it home with me, that seems to be the thing he simply doesn't hear. The upcoming weekend I'm spending at my fiancée's place, to get Goldeneye settled there better with us both around. Or it could be that the granduncle is still there next weekend and I haven't seem him around in ages. Sure, he's fun guy and all.
The next was that we slept poorly at friend's place. We caught up at the expense of school. Sure, we both felt like shit in the morning, I still feel like shit. Teacher sent a message: "Get to work now! Or are you sick, because you're not here?" Guess do I feel any better... I'm just so tired of this. They either forget I exist, or they pick on me for being friends with the youngest of our class, who also tends to throw tantrums. I sound like a fucking hypocrite to complain, but nobody has idea what it is like to be me. Nobody.

I try to get through this school, I just don't know how I'll end up being after this. The gif above picture what I would do right now if I got a job. That's me when I leave the class, when I leave the school... I can't take this anymore. I feel inadequate. I'm never good enough to the rest. Only to my fiancée. That should be enough, but there are always other people you need to impress.


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