My poor nerves

Granny has been quite a handful lately. Jesus.
Last night, it was after midnight when the doorbell suddenly rang. Granny had completely forgot we have a proper bathroom and had ventured out in pitch dark and gone to the outhouse. And had locked herself out...
This morning, like yesterday, the first thing she did upon waking up was laugh out LOUD, waking me up before I was supposed to... Needless to say, I'm extra irked right now and listening to some music to try to keep my shit together for work. It's getting hard, I need sleep and I need silence. There's not that in here. I just want to move in with my fiancée, my cat and live in peace, away from granny and gramps.

Been listening to this the whole morning to prevent myself from killing someone. I'm just so fucking done with this. Seems like I need to take over upstairs with my laptop tonight, no matter what else I wanna do until my legs are better again. Fuck me sideways...


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