Two more days

And I'm a nervous wreck. Had a partial breakdown at work over a silly little thing. Reflective yarn, since I was untangling it, they thought it was too hard for me to spin it. Of course the boss said it's not my fault, since I wasn't trained, but still it hurt like a ton of bricks. I've been moodswingy lately, I put it all on hormones, stress and the heatwave.
People keep saying that place would be a perfect place for me to work, but I've started to heavily think otherwise. First of all, I want away from here and if I stay, it's off of my dream of leaving all this behind. I want to move to Kemi and start a life there with my sweet and our cat. I'm so torn between making my room look homey again or packing the rest of the shit away...
I've been doing steadily worse and worse in there as well, at least that's how it feels to me. I just... I just want it to be over with and get my peace back. I'm not cut out for working 9 to five, which I'm literally doing.


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