You're not the boss of me now

Fuck... The fabric paint on my Cain's Offering is partially cracked. AFTER FIRST WASH! Why do I have a feeling granny's "hand wash" is actually a stone wash? On top of all, she managed to stretch the bottom of the shirt while hanging it to dry. I feel like crying. And they keep wondering why I want the hell outta here? How about being able to do my own laundry so nobody destroys my clothes... Enough mishapen clothes for a lifetime in 5 years...
 It was stinking of cow shit and piss outside as soon as I got to Haapakoski and Tiistenjoki, the ultimate countryside... I nearly drove to the ditch when the stench hit from the car air vents... Ew... I just remembered why I hate spring in here. Constant shit and piss stink...

Just heard that if I was a cat, I would be:
Interesting. Really.


  1. "Tervetuloa Pohojanmaalle, täällä haisee paska ja palalaikka soi. . ." as my big bro tends to say :D
    ...and yes, you are an Abyssinian, since you and the cat breed have similar personalities ;)

    I'm sorry about the Cain's Offering -shirt : < but you can always make a new and better one ;)


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