I'm so done with this shit...

Not sure how much more can I handle this. I still haven't told anything to my grandparents and their comments about me needing a guy and shit hurt like hell. I know I cannot tell and that tears me apart. We seriously need to try and get a job once we get back to Lapland to earn some extra money. My freelance artist work doesn't get me enough money. I'm so frustrated I could cry.

Yesterday was full of misunderstandings from so many parties I'm not bothering to correct them and simply just ignore the people I'm tired of. I can manage without them. One of them being my dad. I've had it of this shit. If I had The Sims 2 here, I'd play it and make my dream home there, play everyday... To distance myself from my grandparents... All the plates, glasses, utensils, mugs, even a teapot I found from our storage made me wanna scream and cry.

This twists the knife in my back... it's hella accurate.

Maybe we can get some sidejobs from Kemi and Keminmaa. And get an apartment for the summer.


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