Been cramped for ages, not to mention tired from lack of sleep. The Halloween party at school is on 31st, I made the posters for it, now I should do posters for my face paint booth too. Bought hella lot of facepaint. Seriously. And some deco. And lovely outfit for my darling. This Halloween will be awesome. Brr, I'm gonna go and get my SA hoodie right nw, I'm cold.

Better. onna watch both Cars movies. I had to return to Kemi today, since  paid 15€ extra for Cars 2. I literally paid it twice. Goddamn. Also had astonishing view, problem was the lack of camera... And then the last 30km back was driven in a fog.

I've been crocheting a lot of pumpkins, 5 ready, one big with still a slightly unfinished face. Gonna do some more for the party.


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