Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Hello depression slump

Just got back from the dentist. It's pouring sleet. Terrible weather. That is not the depressing thing though. I have gingivitis and lot of holes. Had to make the decision to leave all sugary stuff behind. I'm up for serious dentist visits which will deplete my money. Dental care here is much better. Had the wake up call of my life. I'm only able to cry myself into sleep right now, since nobody is helping me but myself. No support. It would be nice if we both could make that life changing decision, but my sweetheart just didn't seem to take it that well.

I'm off to bed and cry some more, we need to go baking around 5pm.

I'm destroying my life with how I live. And that of my darling along with my own. This has to change.

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