Back in the hell on earth

Or that is how I view my home village. I don't like the looks of it, I don't like the people in it. Sure, my grandparents might -not- deserve all this hate, but damn do they drive me up the wall.They do their hardest for and I just brush them aside. Why? I want to start a life anew, in a new place, with my love, leave all the bad memories behind, start finally the life I've been dreaming about. But as long as they are alive and screaming fo rmy attention too (which I don't care to give but to the few selected), I can't start anything new. I can only pretend I'm living my life as I've wanted, when I can't do anything without them finding out.
I'm have to hide the thing that is the most important thing in the world, love. I cannot come home with my love and huggle, cannot kiss in the middle of the street, can't hold hands while window shopping... Only in few bigger cities, is that possible. Up in Lapland, nobody really seems to care. They know how to mind their own business. No nasty rumours.


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