Sonata Saturday

It had some speed. We had bought glow sticks from Kemi on Friday and took our PS3 for updating (we miss a 60€ equipment for updating). We got "home", started preparing for the gig. We left for Keminmaa around 1pm, from where a friend and her dad picked us up and we drove to Oulu. We left earlier than planned because I heard Sonata Arctica has a signing session in RecordShopX, so of course we went there. (bought games and the Stratovarius Blu-Ray while at it.) Got my lyric notebook signed by the boys, along some good luck wishes from Tony.
We got too excited with the glow sticks, but it paid off. Domination Black was the warm up band. Nothing much, I've heard worse music, but I wouldn't buy their stuff. Not my style.
Then. Finally. Sonata. Frickin'. Arctica. This was the shit! All The Days of Grays songs were ditched (shame, but I think after 2-year tour... yeah...) One of my fave oldies The Gun came up and I thought I was gonna have a stroke. Tony noticed us with the glowsticks. He also spotted somebody with a knife or something in the back of the audiece and the big guys started to walk around. I heard about this only after the gig, once we saw a police car outside.
Few things bugged me. We were once again right in front of Elias. Not that I don't mind, but I with to see more than just him and maybe a glimpse of Henkka behind him and Tony occasionally. Also, two bitches mistook the spot by the fence as a dancefloor, narrowing my space. Never put your hair up on a bun as big as your head when you go to a metal gig. Nor do you wear pink. Sheesh. Other duo of bitches threw a missed fit when they got Elias' picks, other actually snatched it from another girl. I've lost my faith in Sonata fans, the newest fans re complete bitchs and have no respect towars the guys whatsoever. They and the Elias-sucks-get-Jani-back -fans drive me up the wall.
Anyways, nice gig, pyros and all, good songs, decent audience. Finnish metal fans aren't really into it...


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