Saturday, June 16, 2012

They keep twisting the knife

This has not exactly been my week. On Monday, I screwed up my workshift, Tuesday was not too bad. Wednesday... I think I went to Kauhava, then to movies with my sweetheart. Snow White and the Huntsman. I warmly recommend it. I was certain the Twilight actress would ruin it and that only Theron and Hemsworth (what a hunk) would save it. It was Theron who kind of... blew it. Her accent was irritating.
Then, in came THE PAIN. I haven't been that much in pain since... well, for a while. I took two 500mg painkillers, I nearly fell asleep while sitting up. I was tender even the next day. I was taken for an ice cream <3
Forgot to mention, I found The Avengers poster from the theater. For free! Made my night.
Well, Friday workshift went considerably better, until I screwed up again. I keep making mistakes and as a result, nearly fall into panic, because I do not want to make mistakes. I have a feeling I need another job and soon. Two more workdays until I have three days off. I work the whole midsummer, which is not cool. What was I thinking with this job?! Instead of making me stronger, it is tearing me apart in my head!
I also got accepted into a school, I just need to confirm it. It is not the school I wanted, but I have time until the end of the month, waiting for the top 3 options to send ANY information. My better half already got a letter from one, not accepted, but it's still better to know even that, than be left hanging, right? I do not know should I accept. Darling says that I should accept it, unless we both get to the same school.
I am at loss, of what to do. I just want to scream and break something.

Yet nobody can tell me what to do... in order to do things right...

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