6 eventful days

Friday night. Oooooh snap it was fine. Timo and Jani sure rocked the whole double tent. Fanservice, boyish antics and hot guys. Front row for me. I had to ditch my 10cm heeled Vagabonds since the balls of my feet couldn't take it anymore. I thought my legs were broken when I drove home, barefoot. I returned home around 6am.
Few hours of fitful sleep and I was off to Powerpark with  friend, now as a customer. Didn't really try anything new that time, well, La Paloma, a chain carousel. That was scary.
Sunday...  slept like a log and cleaned up. At least tried to. Postponed my visit to mah darling's to Monday after work.
I hate my work. Monday... Well, let's say it didn't start well. A wasp or something stung me beneath my thumbnail. Ow fuck it hurt. Well, my dad, stepmom and halfsister showed up, I got to sell my dad and stepmom their tickets, they had to wait until I got on a break to take them to the maingates and get me and sis wristbands. I overdid it and went to Typhoon with my stepmom. It was horrible. I loved spending time with my dad too. I was shocked to see how much my sister had grown.

Yesterday was a disaster. An utter disaster. I was supposed to be dressing up in Satumaa as characters the whole day. One ticket booth guy had fallen sick and I made a mistake of accepting to spend the morning in the booth. Then it all went to hell. The goddamn credit/debit card machines jammed. All of them. Everywhere. The people who didn't have cash and weren't informed  were furious.  They waited for 3 hours max. There was so much pissed off people I was ready to break down in tears and kill myself. The park was open one extra hour, closing at 8pm...  It was after 3pm when I finally made it to the workspot I was supposed to be in to begin with.
Today was... well, nice. The costumes are suffocating and hot and the two of us pretty much melt the ice in two rounds.  I went to get some Chinese takeaway. I'm tired, but body mostly. The ticket booth works my brain into nothingness.
My halfsister and I

I really missed dad...


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