Study history? Become a history teacher? Pfft.

I'm tired to the bone. Physically and mentally. I have been running on empty lately, just few hours' worth of sleep a night and stressful and tiring work. Yeah, some of you would say so what? All I need to do at work is sit and sell people wristbands and entrances.  But random hours on random days and the constant fear of making a mistake and receiving the wrath from the customers and boss... That eats my mind away. I have started nearly crying after work few times now. I'm just so sick of it, but I cannot quit. I have less than a month left, last week is actually me working from Sunday to Saturday... I'm afraid to go to work every single morning. Tired of explaining the same things over and over again...

Working in an amusement park is no fun to someone who'd rather sit alone or with their loved one, with no fear of making strangers mad at you or fumbling with money. I'm one of those who'd rather just... do something stupid and simple... But working for the city, cleaning streets and planting flowers isn't my style either. Gramps finds it embarrassing that I haven't worked at the local cemetery. I find it a job for teens. Those who are desperate for a place to work and earn meager summer pay. I got desperate this year, after I decided to hold an off year. Gramps can think and say what he wants. I do what I want with my life.


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