It's the final countdown...

...for two things. Well maybe three.
  1. My job is ending. Two more days. Sadly, the two final days are the PowerTruck Show days. Gotta watch out for drunk people and sell not just amusement park wrist bands, but parking tickets too. *sigh* Not sure how long will I be there and will I be tossed into the restaurants again. I dread the Pizza Buffet, the Steak House Canyon was better, sure, they made me run around, BUT hey, they were busy as hell, all of them.
  2. My time in this cage. I'll be moving to Loue, Tervola, Lapland on Monday, with my significant other. The dorm had damn strick rules, but positive side is, there are supervisors nearby (supposed to) so if somebody is making a racket... I lived in a dorm for 9 months two years or so ago, and it was filled with stupid party animals. The noise was irritating to say the least. I'm not afraid to rat the others. I deserve my peace, finally.
  3. My wisdom teeth. Usually it's the lower left that causes hadaches and the gum swells up. Nope. Nopenopenope. It has to be upper right. My whole right side is slightly swollen, tender and gosh my jaw joint hurts. I can't really chew anything. I often complained about my wisdom teeth, but never did anything. Now I'm fed up. They are goners after I get to Lapland. I've had it. Soooooo had it.
The thing that saddens me is that I wanted to go to a karaoke bar on Saturday night, just for the heck of it, but I can't really open my mouth properly...


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