Dorm life

The most strickt rules I've ever witnessed. Seriously. Even Finnish laws feel slacker. The fear of being kick out keeps everybody in check. At least me. Our room is at the end of this wing, right above my classroom (interior textile), second floor from the ground level. Shitty part is the bathroom. It's at the end of the hallway, but two WC seats and two showers make up for that.
The window of our room doesn't close, but it's barricaded by a heavy plastic box right now. Three huge flies found their way in... Anyways, this is starting to look like a room, these will be checked weekly. And we actually compete against other rooms, whose are the cleanest. We are trying to win the prizes.
This school has dorm activities and a gym. Which made me whoop was the treadmill. I can finally shed weight and gain more muscle, to upperbody.


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