12 days of... school

Busy and tiring two weeks behind me. We had no weekend, just handcraft/whatevs event here, we had to boil plants to get the wool yarn dyed. I almost got a carbon monoxide overdose. It was horrible, I felt like a living dead. Head ached so bad and felt so thirsty it was't even real. I had to get up shit earl in the morning to light up the fires beneth the huge iron cauldrons and keep them up and boil the flowers, leaves, bark and poisonous mushrooms. Oh joy. I tried to wash off the smoke from my jacket, but it still stinks. Seriously. I should have taken it outside to dry and air it properly. Now it's in my car. It can stink there for all I care.
I've been planning to make two tablecloths, ain't gonna be easy, I got the warps done yesterday, I started to put them on the loom today, but it's not easy, as I have the type in planning where 1cm has 20-18 warps. Threads won't even be visible. Diving them into 9 pair and 10 pair bunches was pain in the neck. Literally. 400 pairs of dark orange and black thread... With less you go crosseyed.
It seemed that I only needed to sing few songs in karaoke to be accepted into a band. Haven't seen them since. Figures.
Anyways, I'm trying to watermark my artworks, the latest being clay Khepri. A biiiiig feat to get them all. I'm like... in B ?


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