My wrists and feet...

Finally, two days off. I've been bustin' my brain with this work, arguing with irate gramps and stressing about moving. We still haven't gotten any papers so we'd know what we need to take with us. Today I was put to the notorious Steak House Canyon to work. They have been treating the ticket booth girls like dirt when we have been sent to help but now our boss told them that she'll send us if only they treat us nicely. They did, or she sent the mentally two toughest girls. I can deal with being bossed around, I'm used to it. It wasn't too bad, they were kind enough to tell me what to do, since it was my first day there, but I had enough experience with clearing tables and carrying plates.
I did manage to screw up in my regular job. Again. I'm just too drained...

Now my wrists are screaming and the soles of my feet hurt like hell. Gramps complained becuse I bought soda. Fuck if I care.

Timo and Jani are gonna be in Karma on Saturday. We plan on going, despite the fact we both have work the next day. We just can't get enough of those two.

Starting on Sunday, I start a grueling 7 days of work...


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