This weekend just keeps getting better and better

...not. The shopping trip after IT-class was painful. My legs were hurting like hell after the dance class at the school gym. We did some walking around in Kemi, left my car at the bus station (I reversed through the whole packed parking lot to th perfect available space. I rocked \,,/)we walked to Octopussy Clothing, where I got some lovely items such as arm warmers, black and purple, made of fleece <3, a dagger fan necklace and Directions semi-permanent hairdye, Poppy Red. A snowleopar print scarf and GREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEN nailpolish from Seppälä, jewelry making stuff from Tiimari and Suomalainen Kirjakauppa, from where I also found a book about Tolkien's books and worlds. That is a good starter for somebody who isn't sure do they want to read all the books or just watch the movies. Also spotted Metal Mania Alias -boardgame. The last one left in the whole city. 8€, hella cheap for a board game. The Cars 2 Uno playing cards cost more than that.
Well, I did catch a cold while in there. I woke up with a sore throat, I can barely talk. I've been sleeping around the clock, felt hella lonely despite my significant other sleeping behind me. I think I'm getting the silent treatment of ignorance for waking the said person up by saying I got an email from the guy wo fixed my computer...
We have changed scaringly lot. Seems like computers are the most important things in our lives. I've been lethargic for a long while now, not wanting to participate in much amorous activities or do much anything... I'm worried, I wasn't this bad (I think) during my worst depression slump, but who said it was over. This room is hilariously small and I honestly feel like we have too much stuff here. This just proves how big rooms I had at home, since this bothers me to the core.
I don't like the direction we are going... Actually cried last night. I can't even cry propery anymore. I'm too numb and that scares me.

Can't wait to get and play this...

This started my shitty week for real...


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