Saturday, September 15, 2012

Well that was an interesting Tuesday say the least. I called to the dentist on Tuesday morning, they said there was an opening at noon, I took it, teachers were just fine since I have my own car so I didn't need to spent the whole day in Tervola. They poked around a moment and said that my cheek is caught in between the two messed up and slanted windom teeth. (no kidding, at worst times I had to yank it separate) Well, despite the upper right and lower left being troublesome, they said they take upper left out so the pressure will ease. The creaking sound the tooth made were scary, but it didn't hurt. I expected to be more in pain afterwards or have a bruised cheek, but nope. And true enough, the pressure is gone. Damn my jaws are narrow. Really. Still gotta go for x-rays next week.
I've been working on crochet pumpkins. I'm a big Halloween fan and I'm actually gonna go to a Halloween party at Kemi on November 3rd, despite our school having some sort of a party too. I was at Härmän Häjy halloween party last year, dressed up as my idol, but with "wolf bites" all over and a bloody bandage around slit throat. I could have pulled it off better, but...
My significant other has been sick for past two weeks or so, I've been running up and down the stairs, battling with my loom and trying to see if my lovely roomie needs anything, been worried sick. Past two Thursdays, I've been have to clean up the room all by myself, which doesn't bother me, but last time I was exhausted and catching up a little cold while at it. I passed out for 4 hours afterwards and oh gooooood lord. The clean-up checking was... past 11pm?

I'll go post piccies of my loom and the table cloth I'm making to my art bog. I think it belongs there. I'm still working on the watermarks, but since I have waaaaaaaaay over hundred works.... sigh

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