Dragons and yarns

Gee, I've een sleep deprived for a week again, I slept 12 hous last night, pretty ready to do that again tonight. Yeah, I'm still up and it's past 4am. Been playing Dragon City, refound love for crochet has also taken my time, as well as The Sims 2. Made a mistake of playing a paranormal investigator gae on History.com... It freaked me out last time. I hate that demon in the end at the alley...
My speakers are breaking down. The left small one makes static noise, which ometimes drives me up the wall.
At the moment, I'm so tired I could faceroll. Too tired to go and brush my teeth actually. Monday will mark the day when I try to hound somebody to get me the number of the local dentist, I need to get my wisdom teeth pulled out, thy cause me too much grief. I even don't mind that I won't be able to eat much solids afterwards, but it is a small price from the fact they won' swell up and even infect so badly I can't even open my mouth.
I screamed out loud with the window open on Thursday, in the middle of cleaning. I visit the blog of my idol, Jani Liimatainen quite often and I found he had posted the tracklist for his and Timo Kotipelto's duo acoustic album. I saw My Selene, my absolute favorite song from Jani and second fave from Sonata Arcticadiscography. That song being made to an acoustic version drew one helluva shriek outta me. I was so hyped up for hours <3 Also a friend bought tickets for us and got us a ride to Sonata's Teatria show in Oulu <3 Can't wait. Her dad is awesome. When we first came to Kemi, he was with her, waiting, wearing a Stratovarius shirt he said he wore to honor us and blasted My Land from his car stereo very loud. We very much approved.
Anyways, this paranormal happenings disliker goes to bed, being badass as she won't brush her teeth. Too fucking tired.


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