Friday, September 21, 2012

Bone tired

Went to a dance class last night, I thought that after doing sit-ups and stuff at the end I'd be more in pain. What is giving me pain -my knees. They hurt like hell at times. My old knee brace is still at home (gramps is such a cheapstake, I can't run home everytime I forget something) and since we are going to Kemi today, (and maybe I can get the x-ray of my jaws) I'm gonna go to the pharmacist to buy another brace. My both knees are totaled anyway. Ow. I'm also pretty well done, meaning tired and I'm supposed to drive us 54km to Kemi for shopping and PS3 upgrade. I'm also gonna buy The Avengers also on Blu-Ray, though I already have the DVD. I wanna be a badass. My significant other also likes the movie, which is a relief. Anyways, it's lunch time, our milk was... old already, so no breakfast for us.
Gonna hit few stores and SubWay too. Yum.

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