Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Yo, guys

If there is anybody. IT class, I'm trying to stay awake, tinkering with MS Word 2007. The whole week. Well, we get to Powerpoint today, had pretty good time so far, this morning was a bit slow and stiff, to say the least. *sigh*
We got the laptops, but I'm not gonna do much with it. I hate laptops with passion and we have so strickt rules with the laptop I don't find it a good idea to use it at all. I stored it underneath my bed, in the travel case. I'm not really sure should I return it, since it's not mandatory to keep the goddamn waste of space. (and this comes from someone with a desktop computer and printer plus bass speakers...) Well, laptops are more like waste of money, if you ask me. Sure, you can get online in a train or wherever, but I'm the person who can actually wait a few hours. If I need to write, when I get an awesome idea (at that moment it feels like it) I can whip out my calendar and write there, or just keep plotting until I find the idea useless. I don't even have a smartphone or whatever the piece of shit is called. I don't want it. As long as I can find regular phones with a working camera and a decent amount of memory space, I'm fine. Just dandy.
Fujitsu laptop sounds great and it would be cheap to get after the school ends, but what am I gonna do with it? Granted, I'm not sure should I take it because I don't know how well I can get online and write during summer, but I'm guessing gramps is about to take the new computer I hooked up for him, to upstairs, so I can put my own back downstairs, since I use it a lot and make noise while at it. Meh, that is the problem for the summer, it has barely reached fall here.
People come to Lapland to see the pretty autumn colors. Well, I'm not really impressed. Sure, some trees are bright YELLOW. Not yellow, YELLOW. It has rained like hell here past few days, we planned a trip to Kemi this Monday and it started raining about an hour or two before we were supposed to leave. That sucked monkey balls real bad. (side comment, goood looooord, am I the one who smells like dog here? Gah...) It was sunny yesterday, which made it hard to watch a movie, until later that night. We finally got The Avengers on DVD and the tech guy in Prisma store said they could update our PS3, so we can watch all the Blu-Rays and play all the games. I can finally get the bloopers and play Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2.
Wow, this was a long and rambly post. Well, I'll make another one. A kitty post or something. I don't know. I should continue editing our fantasy story, I should continue watermarking my artworks, I should clean up the room, it's a horrible mess. And I gotta do the laundry. And go to Tervola med center to get the x-ray of my jaws. Everything is a mess. The stress levels are rising again. I don't know is there a bill coming from the dentist or not, I don't know what mail I have at home, I'd need my mail but does gramps send it? Nope. There are times when he spends money on me, but when it comes to mailing things, he's a cheapstake. ARGH.

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