Can I rage post?

Gonna rage anyway. Good lord some Sonata fans are thick headed and vain. They want their previous guitarist back, most likely because they don't see/hear how good the current one is, or they want Sonata's music to be just like before. Not many bands are able to sound the same throughout the years, Blind Guardian sounds very much the same as always, but each record is different in a way. I think Sonata Arctica still sounds awesome. They shed the Stratovarius-esque sound and created their own. I think it's their best feature, that they change, sounding better and better. Old guitarist has moved on for good, but the fan can't, giving shit to the current guitarist. Such a shame, he's a nice guy and a good guitarist too. *sigh*

Nobody's perfect, I have difficulties telling the two apart. They are both good.


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